The Asianmatrix [Short Garry's Mod Film]

This video features **Asians **and Violence.

We hope you enjoy our feature presentation.

Holy fuck

I laughed extremly hard at this

I liked it.

Expected response from kurit.
“fumples, it needs more stop motion, stop motion is superior to all forms of filming, I think if it had stop motion it could be ten TIMESS better and THISS BIGG long”

The only thing I got to say on C&C is do the majority of camera shake in vegas.

Jeese, I got unbanned just in time to review your video, lucky you!Alright, Erick. Here’s the review. The movie was barely like the Matrix™ at all aside from the music and the random slow-mo gun drop scene. (Which was cool btw.) Out of all the resources you had, I’m surprised you didn’t include bullet time and the slow motion used was very minimal and He didn’t even have sunglasses on.
Why the city was randomly full of garbage, I’m not sure, however your chase scene was entertaining to watch with all the physics and such and the camera angles were great. The beginning kind of made me laugh, I personally thought your Scoutking Video was funnier, though. At 3:03 Alyx was randomly on the roof, and at 3:06 I can see the green editor circles when you’re not in camera mode. The explosion near the end was dry and it just looked like smoke and a small flash animation. Aside from those things, it was a good movie.

Like all your other movies, you had some great camera angles and you planned the scenes out well with the music and the props. Above all, 3.5 for you, keep up the good work, Fumples. and fuck you Scout.

I still don’t like that wonky shaking affect. I think that ruins it.

the video is good overall but I can still see bad greenscreening at the beginning.

if you want I’ll upload my simple greenscreen map.

Excellent scenebuild!

Wow asians are so popular :o

I admit some shaky cam at the beginning was meh, esp during the first firefight but I honestly think I nailed down the car chase scene. That entire thing was so hard to make.

One of my favorite shots would have to be when he jumps over the hump onto the highway and the camera shakes violently as the car drives over. That was done in vegas.

Yeah, I always see After FX’s greenscreen to be more customizable. It also helps if you use “Pure Green Screen.”
The scene where you showed the camera shake was nice, I think that camera shake did you a lot of good.

May I please note that Vegas has Chroma Keyer > Pure GReenscreen as well. it is also, customiseable. it all depends how you recorded your footage.

I was talking about vegas when I said pure greenscreen. I use them both and the choices for vegas are more limited as are most of the FX offered in vegas.

Who cares if it’s not like the Matrix? qq

this is the first time I have ever agreed with GodlyT.

I’m allowed to point stuff out.

If you would listen to me, you will see that there are many similarities with The Matrix:
-The title has the word “The” and “Matrix” in it.
-The beginning scene was also from “The Matrix”
-“The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix” both feature Asians.
-There is violence in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”.
-Weapons are fired in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”.
-Vehicles are present in “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”.
-In both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”, neither world is real.
-The theme “Trinity Infinity” by Don Davis is in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”.
-“The Matrix”, compared to “The Asianmatrix” is at least 5 minutes and 4 seconds, the length of “The Asianmatrix”
-There is a char chase scene in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”
-You will find that a woman is present in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”
-The women in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix” are very aggressive.
-Kurit is not present in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”
-“The Matrix” was made approximately eleven years before “The Asianmatrix” was made
-Fumples, the director, has seen both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”
-In both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”, a highway is driven on.
-Objects were destroyed in both “The Matrix” and “The Asianmatrix”.

As you can see, there are many similarities between both movies. Please review my video more than once if you would like to question it’s accuracy to the predecessor.

The matrix and the Asianmatrix are both movies too.

-In the Matrix and Asian Matrix there are also humans.
-Humans walk in both movies.
-In the both movies the asian people have black hair.
-The sky is blue in both movies.
-In both movies the people speak english.

Look, most of those similarities are common in any action movie. Like I said, comparing this with the Matrix is a huge stretch. I’m a fan of the Matrix™ movies and that didn’t seem like the matrix at all. If you showed anyone that video without them knowing the title or hearing the music, they would not understand the reference at all. It’s a stretch, Fumples, I’m not saying it wasn’t a decent movie, I’m just saying it wasn’t like the Matrix.™



Kurit you’re not the god of copyright we understand the matrix is trademarked

And no, none of those reasons you listed are common in any action movie. The similarities between mine and the matrix are very unique.

No, Fumples, the reasons you listed are. As for the differences in each movie being unique, I can honestly disagree, am I allowed to disagree with you, is that alright?


No, it’s actually not alright.