The "Ask me for any contraption I've posted" thread


gmod can’t quite do it for me anymore, and now it seems I have all these dewps lying around. If you want one just say so. Anything you’ve seen me spawn/post on these forums. exceptions will be made for some of them (about 5 or so) either because they are part of Satys pack or because they contain stuff I didn’t make.

Whatever, deal is this, you don’t ask any questions. just tell me what dupe you want and I’ll upload it.

Su-25 and Ja-37 with attachments thanks luv ya and maybe your hot stug if

couldn’t find the StuG, I’ll download some more dupes later…

The R.h.i.n.o and FV 4034 Challenger 2 tank. Very good quality contraptions.

Challenger coming up… the Rhino ain’t done and it has some stuff I can’t upload it with. Might upload it later though.

imm having a hard time flying the ja-37

Everything. And maybe a houce.

Either everything, or the Challenger. Definitely.

Give me the muscle car.

The Challenger and muscle car will do it for me, if its not to much trouble. Thanks much.


Why do you link to the main page instead of the actually download link?



I want nothing.

The WIP Muscle car lule hey simple whatsup.

Your mini sail boat from your Mech topic, your biplane, steam boat, FV 4034, and train cannon please.

Failing that, everything save for what you wanted to not share.

Thank you in advance.

I would really love a dup of that awesome StuG IV that thing was so awesome! does it drive?

kän ai hääv joor äveri baison pliis lol?

In english:
Can I have your Avery Bison please?