The Aspen Financial City Plaza - WIP/Progress Tracking Thread

I’ll let the video do most of the talking for me. This thread is a progress tracking thread meant to see the progress on my new map. I’ll be posting a new update every weekend. This thread is also meant to be used for constructive criticism and feedback. Keep in mind I’m sort of new to the whole ‘realistic’ mapping thing; so in that case PLEASE have some reason to back up your ratings. Thanks.

Pretty cool. Too orange though imo.

Awesome. Very Mirror’s Edgy. The skybox should reflect the color cast on the buildings though. i.e., the orangeish color cast on your buildings suggests sunset or sunrise, and the skybox should reflect such.

Aside from that, I’d just recommend on getting textures to line up better, and detailing. Lots of detailing.

EDIT: Also, I think there’s a potential to create a really cool contrast if you add some lighting on the building like so

Thanks Medevilae! Since the recording, I’ve properly aligned and fixed the textures as needed on the building face. As for the skybox, I have yet to get a proper color value from the skybox to put in the ambient/brightness fields.

Love the orange

Thanks! All of you guys’ feedback means a lot to me.

The orange is nice, but it’s just too much. It’s almost taking away from the other lighting.

It seems as though alot of the buildings are primitive shapes with flat window textures applied.

It’s because they are in the 3D Skybox. All the buildings that aren’t reflective and/or without an AF logo on them are in the Skybox. I put them in there to make the map look less empty.

the map looks cool, but perhaps a bit empty?

whats the song in the video btw?

Little Dragon - Twice i believe reminds me of Björk a bit.

The colors are really weird, but I like it! Always nice to see something different!

First song: Shallow by 16Bit
Second song: Twice by 16Bit. It’s a remix of the original by Little Dragon.

Very nice. I hope to see more on this soon.

The colors look awful. Orange and green really don’t go well together. The map is also lacking detail, but it’s a good start.

I found the interior’s colors to be weird. but that’s what I’m proud of. the uniqueness of the colors really. I fixed the sunset so it has less color. Not really that, but less illumination. So the building can get less colors interacting with the building itself.

There’s way too much orange. Adding in some white would make this map much better looking.

Like I said in a previous post, I fixed the sunset. It fixes the colors quite a bit.

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Interior design demonstration. This is the layout of the apartments that will be in the building. Just with different textures. It’s all custom content. The ugly ceiling texture and the ugly/blocky window will be removed, and the wall’s textures will be fixed and aligned properly. The doors will be swing doors. Not sliding. If I decide to make them sliding, I’ll definitely remove the sounds and make them something less… spacy?

Do you have the second real world textures pack? If you do, you should change the door glass textures to the “realworldtextures2/glass/glass_refract_02” texture. Theyd look a lot better imo. It’d have more of the privacy feeling to it.

I’ll do that. The only thing I don’t like about the RWT pack’s glass, is the colors. It’s kind of brown, tan, olive? Some of them are alright, though.