The Assassins Cowl

It’s too big. It tears my monitor to bits.

nice idea, but yea too small

Your monitor is the size of this textbox im typing in, that, or your resolution is ungodly low.

I changed back to the resolution it was originaly taken in :>

Thanks, bud. This is much better.

Not really. All he did was maximize the lame quality that was had.

Posing on Medic sucks. Pyro is pointless as far as I can tell with the given mood and setting.
Spy’s left sucks too. If you’re going to do a close up, you gotta fuckin’ perfect the close-up’d dude.
As well it looks like he’s looking to his left, not toward the guys we’d thing the targets.
And it’s empty as a heterosexual relation between two homosexuals. Needs more within it.

yea get it? get the tips from the “pro”…

'Cause in every post I make I make sure to promote my own skill.

You’re so cool comin’ in all new ‘n’ all actin’ all tough as though I have some how over-asserted myself, but really you’re just a fuckin’ punk with no respect from or for anyone.
Unless you’re willin’ to work with a common attitude from this area of the forums, you best just fuck off.