The Atmosphere Was Thick Of Smoke; In The Neon Shadows An Angel Sought To Destroy Me.

“Death had finally caught up – Caught His breath. Just as mine was fresh out.
I wasn’t about to stop him from relieving me from this Hell; how much worse could the one Down South be in comparison to this one?”

If you feel like it, you can always compare the edited version to the original.

The pose on the stranger is a bit odd and the blur is a bit heavy for my taste on him as well.

it looks so much better now you’ve colourised more of the smoke

good goin. great pic. very atmospheric. has that bladerunner feel to it


this makes me very moist

Holy shit, the atmosphere and editing is boss.

My mother? Let me tell you about my mother!

Smoking kills.

The contrast on Francis is amazing.

What map is that?

I dig the smoke.


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to bubz

great lighting
good posing
nice angle

totally an zeraxify picture

Thanks for commenting guys.

The posing on the stranger is really wierd.
Everything else is pretty good though.

Also, always finger pose. Always.

eh, I always do. forgot when I did yesterday on the stranger, tho. ironically, every other hand is fingerposed because it originally involved a lot more hands. and Francis.

but oh well, the posing looked alright in-game. the hand and the smoke makes him look weird tho. but i think it works alright anyway.

Very good, has some Bladerunner to it.

Also, is the smoke supposed to go over the sofa armrest? Looks wrong.


Very cool

Your smoke edits are awesome.

The rimlighting is damn sexy too.