The Attack of Animezilla

Got GMod working again. Graphic card issues. I decided to celebrate with a pretty silly one.

“Quick! We need to find something big enough to rape her with!”


“Daddy… I wanna ride that ride…”
“Me too son, me too.”
Have a funny.

What happens if she farts?

The scenario. A vapor of methane gas engulfs the city. Which was unfortunate because some asshole lit his cigarette at the same time.

the posing on the two people running looks awkward

It’s a giant anime babe eating people. Don’t take it to serious:) But the running could have been improved yes.

I’d hit that



On purpose I might add. For any Japanese guys in here. They seem to like that sort of thing.

Oh my god

picture ain’t there brah


Nvm, no comment.

“anime babe”


All it needs is one lowly person quietly fapping. Other than that, hilarious! :buddy: