The auction change from 100 to 250 keys

Firstly, I spent a few of the past few days watching the auction and what tends to happen at what price/ time. Last night I decided to buy it and bought it at around $45, because the website would tend to not work below that price due to influx of people I assume. That turned into $54 after tax was added… I was alright with this because I am pleased with the game.

However, I looked later on the same day, maybe about an hour later, expecting the auction to be closed like it would be if it followed the usual trend. However, I found that the number of keys available in the auction had changed from 100 to 250… The auction wasn’t even finished. I personally think this is absolutely ridiculous because the auction was 100. Changing the amount sold near the end completely changes everything! I am extremely annoyed because I could have gotten the game a lot cheaper, and this is not fair on the people who payed on the same day I did, because if they’d have known it was 250, they would have, like me, waited for longer as the chance of buying it when it’s a lower price is hugely in increased.

I would not have minded if the number went up the next day, as it’s a different auction. But the deal set at the start of the day was 100, not 250! I feel like I’ve emphasised the point enough that this was not a fair auction. I expect a full refund for everyone who bought the game yesterday (1st October) before the 250 key change. Why? Because it’s an unfair auction.

You probably won’t get a refund. I mean, you are the one you accepted to pay $45 plus whatever taxes.

You could have waited and waited for a better deal, but you chose what you chose. Though, why pay that much for this game just seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Had you waited to buy your key like many of us that key increase would have been obvious, I was not going to buy if I had the price did not drop low enough for me thankfully I got it for around 28$!

As for your refund they did not have to do this key increase at all…period, the fact that they did should be considered a nice bonus rather then a reason to demand refunds.

Same happened to me. I got one of the last 5 keys… then not 30 minutes later, there were a bunch of keys added. Is it a prick move… sure. But I bought into it at the price I did, KNOWING what I was paying for. Had I waited, I would have been able to get it for $28 (which I also bought for another person).