The Aurora Cannon

The destructive power of the combine - in your hands today!

Mostly created as a test of the OB Particles but developed into something better, the Aurora Cannon is a work in progress by Entoros. Current features include:

[li]Four different primary fire modes:[/li][list]
[li]Explosive (shockwave effect + splash damage) and[/li][li]Shock (freeze target on hit)[/li][li]Incendiary (burn baby burn)[/li][li]Heal (help out your teammates, you maggot)[/li][/ul]
[li]Epic explosion on secondary fire[/li][li]Open the Combine Portal (and a really really big explosion)[/li][li]Coolio effects from Half Life 2: Episode 2 for all attacks[/li][li]Episode 2 sounds[/li][/list]




The combine portal being opened (kinda looks like a giant jellyfish, doesn’t it?).



All right you lazy maggots, here’s version two.

:siren: DISCLAIMER: THE COMBINE PORTAL WILL NOT AND CANNOT DISAPPEAR - don’t blame me, blame the particle.

:siren: If you do not have Episode 2, you will be very sad!

:siren: If you want to stop the errors on secondary fire, download v2


Primary - Fire current firemode
Primary + Use - Switch firemodes
Primary + Reload - Open the Combine Portal
Secondary - Create epic explosion

Looks pretty, did you make the effects yourself?

I certainly wish, but I was messing around with the built-in particles in Episode 2. It surprised me that nobody was using these yet.

Pretty jellyfish…

Holy shit, this looks awesome.

S-S-S-Super Jizz, jizz, jizz, jizz…

What be songs name btw?

I jizzed in my pants.

Nice job managing to make it use info_particles.

Nops. The effects are from Valve’s Orange Box (Ep2). :slight_smile:

Woah, those effects are sweet!

Really great weapon!
Everything works except for the secondary fire which gives me this lua error:

weapons\weapon_base\shared.lua:188: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘num’ (a nil value)

and I think that the combine portal should disappear after a while, since it will be there until map change…
or if you could make some sort of missile to close it (like in episode 2).

Thanks everyone for your comments!

I have no clue why you’d get that error, since the weapon is not derived from weapon_base and neither shared has 188 lines. (can someone find me the source for weapon_base?)

As for the combine portal thing, I could probably do that. The initial idea was it was an epic explosion that blew up everything on the map so you’d probably be changing anyway, but I can put that in the second release.

how do you open the portal? Anways, I also get: | weapons\weapon_base\shared.lua:188: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘num’ (a nil value) | when I use secondary fire, and there is no effect for the primary fire, just a bullet hole, and the secondary fire has no effects.

Opening the portal is primary + reload.

edit for detail If you want to stop the errors on secondary fire, remove line 138 of lua/weapons/weapon_ioncannon/shared.lua: “self:TakePrimaryAmmo(self.Secondary.TakeAmmo) ;”

If you aren’t getting any effects, you don’t have Episode 2. Can’t do anything about that.

but i haz ep2!!?

Looks cool ill download

secondary fire doesnt work


Nice fucking work.


Beautiful use of particles man.