The Average Day - Youtube

Well, Here it is... ive been working on this project for like 1 hour and 25 minutes so i hope you enjoy this! I Made it my name is xXTheMamer345Xx and my steam name is gman5459 its about Colton getting his annoying friend Jimmy got punched in the fucking face LOL.

Id say this is pretty horrible, horrible textures, random sounds, no story or something funny what so ever.

And too lazy to make a few scenes so ill just put in some text

its fraps that makes it pixeled
i turned down the textures to low and i found the sounds from the tf2 custom sounds

Fraps makes what pixel-y?

its HALF-Size option

Than use full size


Also it seems like you’re recording with 12FPS

Seeing that you screwed up a simple walking scenes by stopping for a second or going into the wrong direction and not re-doing it already shows the energy you put into this video

Hmmph i didnt know i was going to fast

Oh boy.

-Shitty quality.
-Crappy sounds.
-Bad storyline…what little there is.
-Bad everything.