The B-Squad

My first actual effort to make something that looks semi-okay with Photoshop, the way they stand is a little awkward, I know, I didn’t spent a lot of time on the postures.

Here’s the version with all the stylization

Here’s the version without the stylization

While the editing is good, the picture itself should’ve been more zoomed in. Everything is so spaced out. You should also turn anti-aliasing all the way up when you take a screenshot. There are a lot of visible jaggies in areas of serious color contrast such as the flipper table and the window line between the two soldiers.

don’t coat a pic in effects until you’ve mastered posing, lighting and camera angles

There are also .jpg artifacts everywhere. Also, max up your graphical settings right before taking the picture.

The blood looks very flat and unconvincing. It seems like there should be blood/gore coming from the head of the guy getting shot, but instead all we see is the flat blood on the door behind. The blood also abruptly ends at the edges of the door.

The square lighting edges around the lamp towards the right of image also looks odd.

That said, the posing looks decent to my untrained eye…

Still learning photoshop and such, I’ll do something about that.