The Badass In Css!!

What. I don’t get it.

it is not so funny I know but it is about them playing Css type then he

He hit 3 people simultaniously with 2 guns, thats impressive.


maybe he used his 3rd gun? :q:

hehehe yeah.

then he what?

It’s horrible, posing is horrid, and the ms paint filter raping is bad

okay you need to talk in the night cap itself may not be the color was so good but Posing was good anyway, I think


then will he kill them and take 'em out

you need better posing

The posing ain’t so bad,MS Paint can do wonders if you know how to use it and I kinda got his idea. He just messed up the spelling of the badass dude. Aaaand the comic is way too short. You don’t know why the CTs are there,or why that Badass has golden deagles. You just know he kills three soldiers with two bullets.

I guess the badass bought environment friendly bullets.