The ballad of tor


Posing is aight, but there needs to speech bubbles.

Just fucking leave we don’t need another one of you people.

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Why are you flaming me.

Cause he lit his computer on fire.

I’m not even going to post
wait fuck

Ahahahahahaha oh god

This is a VERRY touching story about a Man and his burning computer.

The posing are ok I guess… You need to put some speech bubbles.

You can’t be serious

What he likes it is that a bad thing.

Not to put you down, but, I didn’t say I like it. I said that the posing are ok and it needs speech bubbles.


What the fuck guys this is my first comic why are you flaming me.

Even if it is your first comic, it’s not a shame to put a little effort to it.
Else before posting, check out the Comic Making Tutorial thread.

If you are trolling I will look you up, beat you and hire a hobo to rape you.

google photoshop cs4