The ban list you MUST put on a new server to avoid crashing by console commands!


Here are lots of Steam ID of the French team of lammers, " n2o ". There are also spammers ID’s/minges ( dynamite spam ), etc…

banid 0 STEAM_0:0:20550704
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:9251178
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:13356101
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:6314554
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:14386938
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:10614706
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:13506589
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:14982532
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:14218985
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:12062992
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:13958231
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:9157368
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:5998516
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:16085117
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:3827181
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:15097387
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:16559919
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:16450581
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:7885498
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:18573674
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:20223586
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:17534827
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:20074813
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:18676749
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:18904207
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:2920762
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:20391131
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:16649578
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:14541162
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:19031031
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:6061963
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:21244064
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:20676295
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:6632382
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:18923460
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:20788482
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:15079935
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:5309466
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:14401993
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:16903406
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:7963694
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:13967536
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:10160558
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:23370785
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:5529894
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:18705766
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:25452034
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:22852051
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:25866199
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:21883964
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:20139506
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:14689827
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:15384390
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:22051738
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:16460178
banid 0 STEAM_0:1:17687312

Here is also the IP of the leader, he can use proxies yes, but it will stop him for a long time : addip 0

I hope I won’t be banned for " false denunciation ", because it’s not, I’m just trying to help.

I started to have gmod servers since october 2007, and this bastard and his team never stopped to crash my server, before with Wire, and consoles commands, now with DoS attacks, I really hope you will trust me, it’s the main way to stop and own them, banning them from more of 50 % of gmod servers, they will be owned.


When can minges use wire and DOS and Work together? Im so confused

Minges use dynamites and spam.

Lammers use Wire and DoS.

Your server must really suck if 55 people can crash it with a DDoS attack…
You normally need 200+ to kill a gameserver.
Also wire exploits, blame the wire team for making huge security holes.


One computer is needed to do this kind of attack, I said DoS, not DDoS. Please read and take a look on that :

So, how many computers needed? One.

The program no more works, they found another way, but it’s still one, maximum 3 computers, my server is hosted in UK Game, so I don’t really think it can suck.

You clearly know fuck all about Denial of Service attacks.
DoS and DDoS are the same thing.
Ones just a shorter abbreviation of the other.
And a Denial of Service attack always needs more than one person, if you have only one person doing it, its the same effect as you going to a website and mashing f5 for 2 hours, it does nothing.
Learn to know what your talking about before you make a comeback.

Also UKgames datacenter is as good as’s, it’s a pile of shit.

So, you are against lots of appreciations, take a look on commentaries. :slight_smile:

And I tell you again, the guy crashed my server with maximum 4 IPs, using proxies. I have seen them with the daf_status command.

Maybe you’re angry because I’m not TRU3 HAXXOR OF DEATH LOLOLOLOLOL, I don’t care about what the name is, I tell you the guy crashed my server, and he was ALONE.

Edit : Ask the UKMD TF2 Team. :wink: They will make pleasure to explain you how this one guy fucked up their server.

Sure. I have them banned now on my clan server. I could really care less if they weren’t involved. Nice to have a big ban list.

Oh and, if someone has a program that converts Steam IDs into Steam Community IDs and the inverse, I would appreciate him to give it to me.

Denial of Service - DoS - The use of exploits (Corrupt packets, false returns) to cause a system to crash

Direct Denial of Service - DDoS - Multiple computers sending packets to a selected destination at the exact same time to cause the system’s bandwidth to become overloaded, or the system to stop responding to all incoming packets.

You clearly know fuck all about Denial of Service attacks.

Thanks a lot!

DDoS: Distributed Denial of Serivce: Basically a DoS but it make the target send out more DoS attacks and it goes on and on. You basically need only 1 person for it.

There are plugins that prevent SRCDS DDOS, it’s on sourceop, forgot the name though

I have installed one, but it doesn’t work anymore, they found another way. :confused:

Probably late, but whatever.

A guy who knows what he is talking about. Have an internet :smiley:

This has already been touched on by FlapJack, but here’s some Security+ info:

Distributed Denial of Service attacks make use of zombie computers infected for such purposes. Often people who own PCs which are being used to attack a service don’t realise they’re being screwed over. This also covers the attacker’s true identity.

DDoSes are hard to pull off properly, most gameserver attacks are just script kids using programs they downloaded from some random site.

n2o french fag lamers team strike again…

my server is VAC and KAC secured wtf…

ban = crash BOT V.0.5 -> STEAM_0:0:10228682
ban = crash BOT V1.0 -> STEAM_0:0:29912252
ban = crash BOT V1.0 -> STEAM_0:0:20550704
ban = crash BOT V1.0 -> STEAM_0:0:30082710
ban = crash BOT V1.0 -> STEAM_0:0:30067230

happy banning.