The Band of Shadows.

Long time no see

Brown MW2 soldiers. Again.

loving it.

Looks sweet man, expect needs moar ACTIONNN

Pretty awesome.

Really nice, the only thing that bugs me are the muzzleflashes. You can’t really see them. I’d add some smoke coming out of the barrels since it’s day.

I want that F2000. Can I have it? :3

Great picture man, nothing I’d like to nitpick on other than it being generic. The posing is great as usual.

I’m glad you’ve moved away from blurring the shit out of everything, it looks much crisper and cleaner and that’s definitely a good thing, but can you work on getting away from nearly monochrome colouring next please


Also spent brass would be a good idea, just sayin’

They aren’t “shadows” they’re SOCOM.

Dat F2000.

Awesome m249 model.

Don’t get your hopes high, he can never release it. :frowning:

awesome :slight_smile:


There’s only one think I’m gonna rag on about this pic: No shells.
But otherwise, nice looking.


-Firing at off-screen enemies

Yep, it don’t get more generic then this, son!

Love it except for the extremely bright muzzleflashes that you can’t see.