The Bandits are recruiting! (Very respected well known rust team)

We are the BANDITS and we are a very well known group in RUST

Our motto?: We are the bad guys. We kill everyone.

The Bandits background achievements~

We are known for taking out a clan called the miscers that were a group of 25+ who made a UTOPIA in the middle of the rad town by the hangar. We made all 25+ kids on that team rage quit. We were just a solid group of 3 at the time. How did we do it? precision, skill, determination, and no life. Literally… no life!

We are also known for joining another server and raiding a group called the MAFIA who were a group of about 15+ and we raided them with just cloth armor and pistols. When they realized we had taken them all out with just pistols and cloth, we became very feared in the server.

Where are The Bandits currently?~

We are in a very nice server which I am not allowed to advertise. But basically we have made a huge castle somewhere on the map cant say where… but we are basically the strongest, and most feared group in the server. =D

We are recruiting maybe 1 or 2 more~

We need 1 or 2 more to finish up our group. We will provide you with guns and kevlar obviously… But you need to have the following
17+ age MATURE
Atleast 150+ hours in rust. If its under that i will quiz you on different areas of the map to make sure you know the map layout, and I will make sure you can aim. If you never played fps please walk away. =)

How to sign up?~

add me on steam @ hughmongus
or reply to this post, but i much rather get steam messaged =)

GOODLUCK and hope to have you join THE BANDITS.

is bandoslolz with you guys because hes one of the only bandits that i know and that i also respect for being a good player

Why not use the Server section?

because im not talking about a server. im talking about my clan

So well known and respected that you have to keep mentioning it in the OP.

hater. lol

I see.


Gh0st all you and death do is run around killing nakeds who have nothing but a rock… you cause servers to lose population.

Edit: and on the original misc server you guys got raided and lost all your shit so u rage quit the entire server instead of rebuilding bro lol.

17+ age mature and all i see in the thread is ~ and =)


lololol, you dont have your facts straight. the original misc server we made them rage quit, and then when there was about 3 misc left on the server, some hacker got on the server hacked our base, and told the 3 remaining misc where our base was 2 finish us off. plus our job on that server was done so we left lolol. and killing naked with rocks? yea like i posted up top, were bandits, we kill everything.

what bugs me is that he considers 17+ mature even though he’s probably not even that mature judging by how he doesn’t know how to spell Ghost and use uppercase and lowercase letters correctly

another hater? the ~ and =) is to keep the post from being dull and boring. guess that didnt work lmao

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and more haters? lmao guys stop the hating.

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dont be so “bugged” by it. poor baby must be a raged miscer lol

So what are you’re requirements for activity? like how many hours a week or what time of the day? 150 hours for someone who got the game 6 months ago isn’t much but maybe more for someone who only got it in the last couple weeks.

Learn to use quotes ffs. Your response goes below the quote, makes it easier to read.

How’s life with Autism like?

The fact that 80% of the Rust clan threads are identical to this one worries me.

Can’t find you on steam

You guys are scrubs bro. Have fun killing nakeds and ruining servers.