The Bandits Tread

A thread for those people who choose to play the game a a bandit. And I don’t mean a fresh spawn Who just KOS. I mean a group of people or a person who hunts and robs or kills other armed players. Or players they think have something of value. So if your a bandit and feel like grouping up with other bandits. Or just want people to stay the fuck away from you or get their head blown off. Post you name here. Ill the go through and post the names in the bandit list below. Happy Hunting:downs:



I think that you wish you were one.


I are the banditest.

I don’t get why you’re advertising that you like being a bandit, you’re just going to get a target painted right on your back.

Implying that the person gets close enough to see your name first. :v:

not once while playing this have I ever collected my own resources. unless you count me collecting them from other people.

The only time I’ve ever collected my resources is when I first join. The rest was basically raid bases, get bitches.

bandit bros 4 lyfe

bros before hos.

oh cool, a list of those who should be KOS

Isn’t there already a list of people to KoS in another thread?