The Banhammer - Vanilla/PvP/Sleepers/Airdrops/Civilization- Chicago Based

Rust as it was intended… or at least as some of us intended. There’s still time to take advantage of the new server and get yourself set up early. Join the current community along the road, or strike out on your own and survive or thrive, it’s up to you.
Server has a zero tolerance policy for exploitation of the game, glitching, any form of cheating (logging enabled) and senseless griefing (Killing that noob for his can of beans is fine, killing him repeatedly and destroying his house for fun… not so much.) Administrator watches the server about 18 hours a day and moderators fill in the gaps. We’re not called the Banhammer for nothing. The server costs the head admin money and time, and major infractions/cheating are taken seriously and properly reported.

Three current, informal factions exist (feel free to make your own) tho no mods keep track of it:
1.) Raider Alliance- Set up near small rad, these survivors aren’t looking to help you get settled.
2.) Coastal Militia- A conflagration of survivors of neutral demeanor.
3.) Tower City- Admin backed player city. Friendly, and willing to take on anyone to assist in city defense.
4.) Tech Town- Little is known about this group. Members can be spotted near Big Civ gathering supplies and retreating to their headquarters.
5.) Feudal Village- Even less is known about the large metal castle that sprang up. Reports indicate it was being used by at least 4 survivors in a communal effort.
6.) Neutral Players - Usually set back from the road, usually friendly unless provoked.
7.) Nomad Raiders- Unfriendly to everyone except their own small cliques, they traverse the roads looking for weak prey.

Any interested players are welcome to play on the server. Memberships are extended to players over the age of 18 who have spent adequate amounts of time on the server, and at the server-owners discretion. Airdrops will occur randomly, and fairly often, as long as the server has a few players in it, so there is no need to ask.

If you have any questions, feel free to add me on steam at and I’ll answer as soon as can. Keep in mind that I often am remotely administering the server and may not see/hear your message right away.

Server IP: