The bank

Now this is my first pose that i actully worked on and finnished i hope its not too bad :expressionless:


Hats :3

Give me tips on how to make things beter for later?


Shit i gotta re upload 1 sec guys


so does anyone like?

It would be funneh with the hats if u put a hat on the gnome ;D

OP, what map is this?i suggest the doors mabey be closed? Thats just how most banks are imo when its a scene like this.

Rp_evocity 1


Edit: next time try using a map thad fit the scene such as V2 since its light outside instead of nighttime cause there arnt normally that many people at a bank during the night (unless its a big city i guess but just for critiques sake)

woot C&C:
the posing is decent.
the people are bending their legs a bit to much for not holding a gun.
A lot of people are floating.
The Asian dude kicking back’s pose is good along with the security officer.
The guy on the far right is somehow arching his legs, looks unnatural to me.
nice try though.

Turn up your graphics taking pics and when posing turn it back down. Turn on AA(anti-aliasing) too its in the advanced graphics options.

love the hats and theres a oxi ball init XD

I spot the gnome… too late. It’s okay.

Yeah i tryed to make the legs not bendy to mutch :expressionless: well its my first pose good for a start i guess i like to add little easter eggs


If i kept the doors closed it blocked alot of the pose that i did