The Baron and The Rider- A Mighty Duel

Newton’s journey will rest in my mind for a bit more. I am trying to proceed on with The Vortigaunt Chronicles. There’s plenty yet to come. But to be honest, I have been slightly afraid to go on. However, when I find my writing strength again (as I appear to have found my posing strength once more) you, my viewers, will be the first to know (probably the only ones to know too. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Plus, after much deliberation I finally managed to send Gabe one of my Vortigaunt Chronicles pieces. At the moment I am awaiting a reply.

But those are matters for another time. This thread is for The Baron and The Rider. A mythic duel told through the ages in the form of song and poetry. An unknown warrior stands head to head with the rare and ferocious Cave Baron (strangely enough, found grazing by a river). The fight was… legendary. (I wish I prepared a poem related to the picture, but I just thought of that now :v:)

-I have a strange glitch or something where SDoF seems to darken all Ep2 maps, in this case it worked in my favor, but not all the time. Any suggestions or ideas?
-Tattoos and Myrmidont riding in all their Vortigaunt glory
-War is coming to the lands of Xen.


Surectus Archer’s journey continues:

Sha’vu Harakmalata and Antlion Husbandry:

The Cave Baron (I hope to redux and expand on the Cave Barons some time.)

Pre-Conflict Sparring:

The Lonely Traveler; Elios Feliqoi:

A Vortigaunt Harvesting:

The Krovex + Vortigaunt Warriors:

Doran Kru’fex and Ra’ven Ku: Pit Scroungers:

Mercati Fu’lant and the Black Moons Society:

Urulozan’s Discovery:

The Epiphany of Celesticu Fortifar and the Discovery of The Vortessence:

Vortigaunt Myrmidont Taming:

Kunetuk Mu’hei:

Colonel Mejshrafir Shi’lutoi:

Wow, amazing job Ben Wolfe! The posing, angle, lighting and editing are fantastic.

Gracias, mi amigo.

That’s amazing.

sent it thanks to me



:v: True dat. :love:

The lonely travel and back are all missing pictures.

I’m aware. I just don’t know if it’s worth reposting everytime it dies.

I don’t remember which versions I posted. I’ll see, maybe if I get bored I’ll rehost the pictures.

Wow. Epic to be sure. Lovely light, edit and angle. Arte’d.

Thank you. :love:

Too many midtones and absolutely no depth. Characters and limbs are indistinguishable from each other. You need to decide where your foreground and background are and then do something to draw attention more to one of the two through some contrast, curves, sharpening and playing with saturation.

PS. For your SDoF problem, turn off motion-blur - that worked for me.

i’ll second chesty’s post - it’s cool and all, but it took me a few seconds to work out what the fuck was going on. the fact they’re all very similar in colour doesn’t help any.

I suppose so.