The Basic Survival Guide To Rust!

Hey everyone,

I just created a video on how to survive in Rust, for everyone that is new to the game! It’s goes over basic game mechanics, gathering materials, hunting and crafting :smile:

Here is the video:

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If you have any questions, I’m more than willing to answer them :smile:

I would argue that hitting trees is a waste of time when there are wood piles around, also pretty bad advice for any beginners, other than that i guess its okay.

I agree 100% that wood piles are better, but I thought it was necessary to include both ways on how to collect wood, in case wood piles cannot be found.


I was a few points into a post I was writing up that covered a similar concept. I cancelled it and figured most people could find it on youtube.

I’d encourage a new video for people who know how to gather and have a gist for how the game works, but don’t know the strategy for starting out. I had a 10 step program to establishing yourself on a newly wiped server.

  1. get basic tools/weapons
  2. get food (use cloth for cloth armor)
  3. build small storage, furnace, campfire, workbench for your farming (suggesting remote locations)
  4. save up enough wood/ore to build 1 foundation w/ metal door(+1 foundation and pillar for in front)
  5. Farm wood/ore for pipe shotgun/shells and bow/arrows
  6. Save up for more advanced building
  7. Farm blueprints
  8. build more advanced housing
  9. build more advanced weapons/armor
  10. Win

Just something along those lines.

Thanks man, I’m thinking of making this a weekly series, and those tips would make a perfect video :smile:. Cheers!