"The bastard that killed hundreds of people.. Don't look so tough to me"

I’m referring to the freeman, he went by a resistance and such and they’re like “blah blah blah we gotta fight now because of you blah blah defend our freedom” etc.

Forgot to put the screenshot on 100, anyway to set it to 100 without having to change the option in-game?

So I don’t forget?

I like the colours of this one, but I certainly hate how I did that guys hair. I swear if I saved it on a better quality it’d look better maybe :frowning:


Open it up in the console and put “set jpeg quality to 100” without the quotation marks, you can do that in the main menu I believe, hope it helps, anyway I like the picture, but it seems the guys are not listening to the asian guy talking, or are they all looking at the camera?

Well I kinda made them so they’re kind of listening to the asian dude, but looking at the person walking by.

I will do that in console next time :slight_smile:

I just press print screen for my pictures, then paste them in paint.

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Then save them in PNG because I’m an asshole.

You go to Library\Garry’s Mod\Propeties\Set Launch Options and add “-jpeg_quality 100”.

Yeah, that does sound a bit asshole-ish. Not a very good technique, but hey, w/e works!

Ah, now that is much easier.

I love the colors and atmosphere, faceposing and theme. Nice edit!

Save your screenshots as .tga’s. Since the pictures you’ll take won’t be compressed, you don’t end having any loss of quality, which is why it is easier to edit them (isolation, whatever…). Save your final image as an high quality .jpeg in PS. It might sound stupid, and you might ask yourself why not directly save as .jpeg, but it’s not. Gmod’s .jpeg’s, 90 or 100, it doesn’t matter, causes loss.
You will need a .tga’s thumbnails viewer: download.