''The bastart just got another one!

Pose and edit by me, now back to studying :/. C&C please.


Unnecessary .png loading time was annoying.

Smoke is quite good although it doesn’t really fit with the muzzleflash.
Muzzleflash has a really bad cut-out edge and isn’t giving off enough light - don’t just copy and paste!
Hand is clipping really badly.
Camera angle is hella boring.
Bullet holes are shoddy; would have been better to just do them in-game.
Blood is clearly just a few blood brushes that are defying physics. They desperately need motion-blur.
Guy getting shot looks happy.

Crank up the graphics.
The guy on the right looks like a dumbass.

That shot must have tickled him

EDIT: Giggle

The graphics are on the max with an adveragde of 90-110.

Who rated my clearly perfectly correct critique “disagree”?

The same guy that disagreed with the quoted post. Can’t remember the last time I saw a guy with a grin on his face as he’s getting shot in the head :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything Chesty said is right, so no “disagrees”. Oh, and who cares about the FPS, this is a screenshot.
More: Really, don’t hurry posting your screenshots. Take your time on editing. The most important things are: Dodging and burning; Blur; DoF (Do it In-Game); and other effects, like the muzzle flashes and smoke, etc.
We all know that posing ragdoll is very hard in any way, but try again, don’t allow clipping.

He looks so happy :smiley:

Chesty’s right, and bastard is spelled wrong in the title…

Thanks, I will correct it now.


I can’t change it, weird.

Completely agree.

I kind of disagree, Chesty.

  1. How does the smoke not fit? Looks fine to me.
  2. So he made a little error, that’s a problem? And how is it not giving off light? They don’t give off light in the daytime, only at night.
  3. Agreed on this one.
  4. How so? Elaborate on your shit before you post.
  5. Agreed on this one as well.
  6. Maybe he was smiling when he got shot? Maybe he was doing some weird manic laugh?

Good day.

What a bastart! I lol’d to be honest.

nothing but smiling while dieing…

Now back to studying English?


That guy’s leaving this cruel world. The war is over for him. That’s why he’s happy.

I never knew getting shot in the head could be so much fun.

  1. Semi-realistic attempt at smoke does not fit with the Hollywood-style muzzleflash.
  2. Yes it’s a problem. It’s not giving off light because he clearly just copied and pasted it and left it at that, instead of duplicating it with different amounts of gaussian-blur. They don’t give off light in the day time? Then there shouldn’t be one there at all by your logic because a muzzleflash is pure light.
  3. Agreed on your agreement.
  4. Shit-loads of wasted space from a boring, side-facing standing position. Not exciting in the slightest.
  5. Pleased.
  6. Maybe he just fucked up the faceposing.