The Battle for Rustopia

Hey, fellow Rustafarians!

An epic battle took place on Rustopia last night and I was able to catch the action. I wanted to share it. As always, I hope it’s enjoyable!


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Sorry. I accidentally posted this in the “general” forum instead of the one dedicated to Rust. Please excuse the faux pas. Can anyone tell me how to delete or move the post? I can’t see an option to do so in the “edit” tab.

Thank you.

I watched it silently, so I can’t comment on the narration. But this looks like one of the better Rust vids out there!

but howering cupboard box is not an expolit?

Phaedo - that is a great video. Thanks and congrats for documenting some really nice gameplay.

It shows off how good experimental has gotten in some ways. Landscape and textures look great too.

Great stuff, i don’t normally watch Rust vids but lately since i saw your vids in the Community Dev Blog I’ve watched nearly all your raid cam vids., their very entertaining to say the least. :slight_smile:

its not really an exploit, it will remain floating whatever you do. i tried raiding a house yesterday by destroying the foundation of a cupboard tower, and it remained floating even if i didnt want to. its more of a bug than an exploit. even if the home owner would have kept the tower below it, and the raider would have blow the tower, the top part would still have remained floating.

the stability simply doesnt work well.