The battle of Brittain

Ok so since short time i announced the forum post of an relative new but still quite proffesional build and war server.

The Kill Box.

Now i as an Co-owner (vindicator IG name,) decided to host an event concerning only ACF WWII constructions. The whole server has been in an overload of trying to make beautifull things now, wich is great since everyone loves a good Jagdtiger, KV-5 or IS-4 / MG-42. But the recent problem i have encounterd is the map. We will be playing the event with 12 guys including myself, and now we need a good looking. WWII setting kinda map wich isn’t laggy. Basically because we are using aprox 200 props each tank.

Suggestions for a good map?

Link to the TKB forum post about the event:

a friend and I are making an entire pack of ww2 vehicles for release (acf powered).

they are all exactly 100 props and will be balanced realistically (real world penetration values, armor, mobility, etc) 2/5e78648073188c3f225ca6318742fba0.png[/t]
[t] 2/da45d635b80b2815c8bd8b41d837e0f7.png

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Arsenio’s server desperately needs adv dupe 2. These tanks will rely on it.

Actually Amplar, we added it last week. :wink:

PS: looks intressting

Right now im thinking about using GM_Buttes and GM_Buttes_night


gm_buttes night is cool, its one of my favourite maps. But still look for more maps. Might want to take a look at gm_alpinestruct


Hmm i’ll suggest and we will test out gm_tankmania, never heard of it before but after seeing some screenshots, it’s defitnally worth the try.