The Battle of Kursk

Posing and Ingame editing by: me
External editing by: TheLaughingGod

The editing is bad, but the scene is nice.

instead of battling, it kind of just looks like they’re meeting up or something

and the smoke coming out of the tanks looks out of place.

composition and angle is pretty good and refreshing, but in my opinion, the whole image has a little too much white fog

the dead cow is a nice touch

There goes my confidence :suicide:

Thank you, I like the entire image, but, I guess that isn’t the public thought

The problem is the fog it looks out of place with the rest of the image

I realize it does, though I was kind of trying to add atmosphere and mood to it. Tried and failed :v:

Needs more infantry.

Meh, it’s the largest TANK battle of WW2 soo

Maybe you can Increase the number of grass,nice scene,well done.But why the IS tanks appear in Kursk?

Danke, read up

And the largest tank battle of world war 2 had a lot of infantry.

Look at you, being all needlessly historically accurate. Tank battle is best battle.

He was just making a suggestion, and providing information to back up the suggestion.

Oh, no. I wasn’t trying to be rude. Sorry about that. Guess who feels like an ass.

I’m just glad he put more Panthers than Tigers in. :v: Also your edit is p good imo.

He made sure it was somewhat accurate. Sorry if I seemed rude, by the way.

I didn’t think you sounded rude. :v:

The Tiger tanks is less than 300 vehicles in Kursk,The Panther is about 150 vehicles in Kursk,These tanks was destroyed less, mostly destroyed by mechanical failure