The Battle Royales are selling hacks lol

If you play in the most populated battle royale, say Intoxicated New York 1, when its at 80+ people, theres a large chance youll see a guy advertising hacks in the spectator mode. You don’t think too much of it and you go about your business, waiting for the round to start. But then the round starts and you notice something strange, its 5-10 seconds in and the advertiser just murdered 2 people already. Then theres a third, fourth, and soon enough you get killed by black magic. You get mad and check the spectator, low and behold, he has 11 kills 1 minute in and he’s speed hacking, jumping hundreds of feet in the air, and aimbotting using some really funny weapons, usually the long sword, speed hacking a circle and aimbotting to keep the circle as tight as possible. Just letting you know whats up, I think its semi funny, but I personally don’t want hacks to be so easily available, especially not sold from within the game XD