The Beatles Rock Band Models/Instruments

Was wondering if it was possible for someone to rip the models from The Beatles Rock Band and put them in GMod. I saw this was possible with Guitar Hero World Tour, so I don’t see how it won’t be possible with The Beatles Rock Band.


Sounds like a good idea, I hope that this is possible.

I agree that we need the Beatles themselves on Gmod.

Bumping this to see if anyone was up to the challenge

This is a great idea and I want someone to see it

well just from the title the only way this will be possible is from emu and 3dx and a copy of the game, and the difference from this and Guitar Hero World Tour is that GHWT is on pc… I should know… im the one trying to rip Hayley Williams

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say it, but Dolphin runs Wii games now, all you need is a Beatles Rock Band disk, DXripper, and Dolphin set to run in DirectX

Although the Wii models are bad quality I think the 360 and PS3 Models would be too high-poly to work properly

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well i would say (EMULATOR) xbox but it’s now illegal apparently so have fun unless the game goes on pc any time soon

Hopefully, those who are awesome at skinning could make the wii models look like they belong in Source.

With like, detailed skin and stuff?

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I don’t mind the cartoony look really, it fits the low-quality filming of the 60s.

I don’t think the PS3 and 360 have that high of quality models.
At least not Rock Band.

look at this guys


Oh My…i Love you!!!

You are the best person ever and deserve an infinite amount of dosh

whoa, guys take it easy i never said i make them it was a some guy on the internet.
heres a link for him ,

he also ported other Guitar Hero Models , maybe we could ask him the models?

Must…get…working…George Harrison model

We need to contact that guy to rip the rest of the models

Or we need someone with the Wii version of the game to get the models from. I only have the Xbox version and…it’s not exactly the best to work with.