The Beautiful Apocalypse

Some un-edited screenshots from an upcoming Machinima I’m having a crack at…

Let me know your thoughts, I’m trying to nail that apocalypse look!

I didn’t know grass could grow from concrete.

Normal grass doesn’t grow from walls like that. They require soil in order for that to happen.

Are you serious? Grass/weeds/vines will grow out from concrete within a couple of unattended months let alone years/decades.

In the video they look like vines, I just used the grass as a look-a-like. However yes, in a still image it’s quite blatantly grass. (notice the wall climbing vines to the right off the picture)

The trouble with what you did however is that it’s very obviously grass – vines don’t stick out horizontally, they dangle.
Also, no, grass won’t grow through concrete. It may grow through cracks in concrete that dirt and soil has gotten into. None of the concrete we see is cracked or in any way damaged: not in the buildings’ walls, not in the street, not on the sidewalk.

Check out this thread. There are planes (as in a flat, two-dimensional plane, not an aircraft) at the bottom of the first post that you can use to create your own grassy regions, and there are tons of other things on the page that’ll be useful as well.

Perhaps more important than those are the mountains and rocks; you’ll be able to use those to create your own rubble to block off your streets and highways, rather than unnaturally stacked shipping containers… with roadblocks set on top.

If your intent is to make a post-apocalyptic machinima on gm_bigcity, you’d better be prepared to give it a lot of scenebuilding love.

Reminds me of The Last Of Us

Seems like I’m going to have to find a vine model.

As for cracks in the concrete. As much as I’d love to make cracks in the ground of a source block, I can’t.
Please take note this is a still from a scene in a video not picture designed to be someones wallpaper, so viewers won’t be looking for cracks around the grass. I hope.

The more I look at the shipping containers the more I dislike them, which is why I came for feedback so thanks :slight_smile: Also could you re-send the link, it’s not working for me. EDIT: Link works thanks

I used big city simply for this scene, but yeah it took me around 3 hours to set this up, I did do more on the other side of the containers but yeah. Very time consuming. But I had a lot of fun. Just to make a 20 second clip.

Listen to Squiddy, everything he said was spot on! Now I don’t have to explain the grass and shit, haha. But you know there are tons of better maps than gm_bigcity. Gm_bigcity is almost cheery its so bright.

Here’s a much better map called gm_apocalypse, definitely worth looking into if you haven’t done so already.

I literally just finished changing them to vines, I may post the update later today. As for the map, apocalypse is good but I feel a little overkill for my story. There would be no real explanation for the amount of devastation on gm_apocalypse. But yeah any video that I’ve shot in bigcity has required quite a harsh sepia tone over it too dull down the bright colours. I spent quite a while downloading a lot of different maps

If you’re gonna use grass like that, you can’t show where it comes from, which means you need to have an upward angle when taking your shot.

Also, who needs AA any way, pixelation is fantastic.

Yeah have to agree with the rest. First of all the plain concrete doesn’t really work out well but most of of your edges are too hard, too sudden and in some cases too angular.

You need more and more gradual coverage.

I had AA turned off whilst building. Rest assured It’s on for the filming.

Noted, I try to keep the camera at a level where you won’t see so much of the groundwork, this was made for a like a 20 odd second clip where I basically pan down the street and the title fades in with some music. But I will be re-creating similar scenes for the vid so thanks for advice

Once again thanks, this is the sort of feedback I was looking for. I wasn’t sure if it looked natural enough. The grass texture I use comes in squares which is a bit of a hassle to stop that blocky look from happening. Thanks

With a proper map and lighting, you could be a pretty good scene-builder one day.

The angle isn’t too flattering either.