The beauty of space 18+

Went a bit mental with post processing, gimp, lights and brushes.
My first isolation attempt.

And this is not a sex pose. So save it.

I hate those nude models and the edges of them look weird.

Never thought the Supernova Filter would look alright, it’s pretty good.

If the white edges were supposed to be rim lighting, then you should blur them a bit, or not make them so sharp. If they are not rim lighting, then they mean bad isolation. Otherwise I like it.

I see it. Forgot to blur them. Damn it.

Why does the hand on the one chick’s back look like the Left 4 Dead Cover Art hand?

White edges are fixed.


It is an error I missed. Not going through all that editing because of one thumb.
This was sort of a trial test to try out my limited editing skills. Will be more watchful next time:)

I thought it said the beauty of russian space first. I was like wtf.

How is this 18+ ?

And those women look seriously burnt.

Burnt you say. After isolating them, they got darker at some point. Not sure how. My fault of course. But this is my first try at this type of editing.

And no it isn’t 18+. But I thought nudeness outside the sex pose thread… Never mind.

Those asses are rocksolid.

We need some jiggle-boned asses up in here.

What good will jiggle-bone do in a screenshot?

“Spread them checks gals.”

Nice job.

Looks a lot better now. Also, Chesty, maybe they got a some tan, due to the lack of atmosphere. Aliens?

The star thingy on the right looks silly

It’d make them look like their asses weren’t made of pure muscle.

What a lovely view.


It’s not a star. It is an effect called supernova. Perhaps a sun would be more realistic, but then again, two butt naked women admiring earth from space isn’t exactly down to earth (as it where) either.

This picture actually makes me cringe. The skin on these characters looks disgusting. Seriously looks like the most horrible sun-burn or some nasty overuse of fake-tan.


No disrespect to the creator, the rest of the picture is more-or-less okay apart from the dodgy sun filter, but whatever you did to those models is pretty bad.

I agree on the skin tone. Will take it in to consideration in future projects. Thanks for C&C. And I regret the super nova. I think I should have added a sun the more I look at it.