The Bee Movie | A Buzzing NutScript Schema!

Information: This is a beautiful schema made around The Bee Movie, with re-skinned models that are completely appropriate for The Bee Movie RP!


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This roleplay script changed my life.

Don’t steal their honey

Fuck all the other RP out there, this is one to be at.

what those society models were supposed to look like:

Why you no put Capitals on name?

what the hell

good god

I can now rest in peace knowing this exists.

lol wat

Rp of the year

Best schema of the year of all years.

What the fuck have you done. (Exaggeration intended).

Everyone elses comment have been positively sarcastic but I don’t know whether to sit on the parade now and criticise the sit out of this.

I’ll just add one thing for now: Who the fuck spoils The Beatles like that and forces it upon my ears! You satanist.

Congrats on 500 Post

'Twas probably intended as a joke gamemode not to be taken seriously. I’ve known the guy who made this for a while now and he seems like someone who would make this as a joke.

needs more warlord khan


video got dmcaed wtf

Needs more honey…