The beginning of a beginning

It presentates my new skin! Made the skin in 35 hours and the comic in three hours.

Edit: And for christ’s sake, don’t complain about not being in it! Comics with 20 persons in it is not my style.

Fucking faggot shit IE8 won’t let me enlarge them pictures. Fuck, brb installing Firefox hurr

I wasnt in it :C

I need a personal skin so I can start to get in these comics, even though I don’t deserve to be.

You forgot me…

I’ wuz not blinded. :3

I wouldn’t get blinded because of light adjustment devices in my infrared visual receptors.

Still, I’m glad I was there!

It’s Surfur’s “The great escape” all over again! Most people will probably not even know what I ment with that.

Quick comrade flee!