The beginning of the seven hour war.

Pic taken somewhere near the ground zero, which is Black Mesa. Civilian presence prohibited. Portal storms started about an hour ago. Its the very beginning of the Seven Hour war.

Cluster fuck. This isn’t how the military operates.

  1. Black mesa was nuked, so they wouldn’t go anywhere near the site even after many years, the radiation would still be around
  2. Like chesty said the military doesn’t operate in cluster fucks
  3. By the time of the 7 hour war everyone would pretty much be inside cities for protection, there would be no citizens around and only small military presence, plus all the Xen aliens about

Duping helicopters and vehicles doesn’t really make it look like a war.

No wonder why they lost, they all crashed into each-other

Well I like it.

Well, the clusterfuck is of my liking but the map choice is really poor.

Odd, cause that pretty much looks like the inception of both Desert Shield and Storm sans artillery and carry-alls ala stock photos.

why are the civilians going TO the battle instead of going AWAY from it?

News reporters? There are people who would do anything to get a nice picture or interview, or simply crazy hippies who think they can make peace with the aliens.

What if they were driving to their homes when suddenly they run into a military roadblock.
About the clusterfuck, well, those are unique circumstances.
And why should everyone be inside the cities? Its the very beginning so headcrabs and other xen shit havent started to appear all around the planet. Yet.

Sorry for spelling errors, if there are any, but im posting from notebook and it doesnt have the QWERTY keyboard.

The war was after all the aliens from Xen started to come to earth, not before it.


Also why is it that there is one helicopter transporting a tank and there are two helicopters transporting one?

First, portals from Xen open all around the world. Xen shits came and invaded the campaigns, civilians stayed in the cities for protection.
Then the combine notice this huge breach and decide to invade earth, this way they enslave both Xen animals and Earth ones.

This is when the 7 Hour war begins.

Do I see a Zeppelin?

Things transported by only one helicopter are either Humvees or Bradleys.