The beginning. Old pictures compilation [2007 year]

First picture. I think it was really good start xD

Inglorious Bastards

Rebel’s Life_1

Rebel’s Life_2

Rebel’s Life_3











have you ever done any editing? some of the posing is ok though the community one

The sixth one is awesome.

I guess you don’t know who Caste is…

wow… nice model on the 15’th pic… WANT!! WANT!! WANT!!

no i dont know who he is o.O

Your poses are pretty damn nice; you did all that improvement in one year?

He’s a fucking awesome scene builder.

'Nuff said.

managed in one year :smiley:


I am…
just read what others have said about me or you can check the threads started by me, this will be fair.

An off topic question, but is that a Tarkovsky avatar i spot?

Nice pictures, but why didnt you post your scenic view pictures?

Thats right, Andrei Tarkovsky. I’m TOTALLY influenced by his movies. After meeting his art I entirely changed my view and started to make a laborious scenebuilds with nature, serenity and calmness instead of stupid posing such as death, murder and so on. You can see the difference between these old pictures and the newest.
For example: look at the fifth picture and this one

All scenic view pictures you will see in other compilation, reedited old pictures and newest, still preparing:D

Well, its nice to meet another fan like myself. :smile: