The Bellum RP Community (Formerly Millitant RP)

*Bellum RP, *
a semi-realistic war-based roleplaying community.

***Getting sick of joining a cool sounding server, eg. Desert Warfare or something, only to find it’s either empty, or full of people who are just killing each other mindlessly without actually roleplaying?

Who are we?
**Essentially, we’re a small community that wants to roleplay as a military group (or groups in the future). The founders are mature and serious people, yet leeway enough to allow you to roleplay how you want.

**So what do you guys do?
**At the moment the plan is to set up a military style hierarchy, where new players start at a Recruit level. From there they will receive a basic training in multiple areas of field combat and regime. We call this Boot Camp. Basically you’ll be trained in how to engage in combat situations, operate different types of equipment, parachute, and other electives such as, Combat Support, Marksmanship and Stealth. After basic training you will be required to pass a short, easy trial which tests you on what you’ve learnt in Boot Camp.
After this you’ll be promoted to Private, and will be able to be involved in combat situations. From here your skills and resilience in combat will help you be promoted to new ranks, which increases your control over the Communities lower rank, and gives you access to new toys.

**What are these Combat Situations?
**Well combat situations can be either PVE or PVP. Sometimes we’ll have quite a large game against lots of NPC players, which will be from custom packs, so you don’t need to fear having to kill endless hordes of Combine Soldiers with SMG’s. Other situations could be against other Player groups, in a test of skill and accuracy. Or simply to make the situation a lot more realistic and interesting.

**Are you guys just DM’ing faggots who’ll spend all day just running around shooting each other, or do you actually want to do some roleplay?
**Roleplay is essential to this community. It wont be spawning and shooting combine. There will be stories to each situation, and main and secondary goals, such as protecting a package or getting a bombing run organized. People who will constantly Deathmatch, or do not attempt to roleplay in the combat situations will risk a rather extensive ban.

Sounds good, what type of script will you run?
At the moment, we’re going to run CakeScript for it’s flexibility, yet stern approach. But anything could happen at this point so we’re open to the communities ideas on this subject.

You said there was PVP involved, what if this community is always going to be unique?
Because Bellum is still very new and our community is very small, at the moment PVP matches will be played by squads in the community. We’re also planning on dividing in a Russian and American division if the member count grows.

What type of members are you looking for?
Discarding the stereotype of 12 year old’s, people of any age that have a mature attitude towards roleplaying yet is flexible enough to accept that we’re not going to be roleplaying all the time. Combat situations will have to be set up, and we want people that are patient enough to not exploit the tempting situations you’re given. We don’t want to see people spawning ammo or weapons, or using spawning props for cover, or to prop block.

Where are you in the development stage?
I posted the Militant RP Thread in the Server Advertisement (don’t ask why) thread yesterday while I was at work. Our community has grown to three members. We have a 30- and 40-slot server at our disposal. One will be used for Boot Camp and Private Training, the other will be used for Combat Situations. Both servers will be locked and passwords given to those who apply.

How do I apply?
Fill this form out and PM it to me, you don’t need to fill out paragraphs for the “Reason for joining:”.

Real Name:
Steam Name:
Playing Time (Garry's Mod):
Reason for Joining:

This still sounds like it’ll be a deathmatching mingefest.
If you read through this thread properly you’d see that we will not tolerating minging, deathmatching or dicking around in general. There’s hundreds of other servers you can do that on and not be banned.

The replying section below is for comments, expressing interest, questions and suggestions only. Please don’t fill this thread with flame.

Semi serious war rp



Why the hell do you want peoples personal information.

This is a good point.

Because I want to stalk, rape and murder you.

I’m not asking for your phone and social security number, I just want to know whether you’re an illiterate fuckface who guns wants to shoot people in the face before we hand out the password to our server.
If you have a problem with giving out your full name then your first will be fine.

Also, I want to know what kind of time zone deviation we have.

And here’s the problem with your server. You are not an RP master race, private RP servers do no good to anyone even if you’re enjoying it. It’s like incest, you may think it’s cool, but you just know only something retarded is gonna come out of it.

Look, lets not get carried away with ourselves. Nobody is considering themselves a Master Rp Race, if you didn’t already have a personal vendetta against Rpers like us you would have taken the time to consider what I really meant behind that. Nobody complains when other communities are private…
And since we’re using analogies, would you let some random guy off the street into your friendship group? What if he’s a drug addict looking for cash, or a child molester? I think it’s fair enough to ask for some general information to make sure we’re not letting someone potentially damaging to a pretty fragile community already.
PLEASE don’t flame this thread up anymore, and the only thing we want to do right now is get a nice community organized. If you’re not remotely interested don’t bother posting.

The problem with your analogy is that this is the internet and not a group of closely knit friends.

If someone ends up being an asshole just ban them and change the password, its not hard.

Knowing someones name, age, gender, and location doesn’t help you assess them at all, a 12 year old girl named Jamie can impersonate the personality traits of a 25 year old guy named Fred with depression.

The only way to be absolutely sure someone is a good roleplayer is to observe them role-play, you can’t tell beforehand.

If he wants to do it that way than fucking let him do it you anti-elitism whore.


At the moment the plan is to set up a military style melissa sweet short wedding dress 2011, where new players start at a Recruit wedding dresses for a winter wedding. From there they will receive a basic training in multiple areas of field combat and regime.