The best admin mod?

Could someone please tell me which is the best admin mod, and of course is the easiest one to use? Since i’ve been trying Assmod and ULX, but didn’t like any of them.


Mine hurr.

If you want a good gui, look at NewAdmin. If you want lots of additional features but don’t mind extreme lag after a while, use Citrus. GManage is generally good all round, though some people dislike it.

Before my server fucked up I just combined assmod and ulx.Its fun trust me.

Assmod and ulx dont work together

They do, but not perfectly.

Hmm, NewAdmin is really cool. Try it.

ULX - An old timer. Stable, works, but the menu is crap
ASSmod - Pretty old. Very stable, and it works. But the commands are hard to use.
NewAdmin - Unstable, buggy. But the menu is awesome.

I prefer my own admin mod: Dmod :slight_smile: It has a nicer menu than ULX, but not as nice as NewAdmin’s. Commands are easy to use using the chat, and each command also has its own console command. It’s not as much tested for bugs as ULX, but I’m not having any problems with it at all. The !vote command doesn’t work (yet) :frowning:
Try it if you want :smiley: To get it, use this tutorial: to get this SVN link: divranspack

I use Amen. My own mod :3:

Link so I can take a look? If you released it.

Ulx/Ulib, so far the best.

Gmanage is the one which i would say is looking most nice as a all around to, but i can’t get it to work though…