Welcome to the official HLG thread and Rust Server - THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE

We have started a rust server and i wanted to inform you guys that we have been very pleased with the current amount of people but we would like more, the server is very dedicated and there is a lot of dedication throughout the entire team, we run a few other servers for DayZ and various other games that you can check out on the website. - Our official TS if you need help with anything please message ‘Summo’ or any of the Admins on there, i can help you out with gear and other things (Perhaps)

What our rust server covers

  • Active Admins
  • Friendly Members
  • A whole lot of PvP
  • We have very good player interaction, if you are friendly or in TS you probably wont get killed! (But that doesn’t mean you can be a bandit) We encourage any type of players to join.
  • We are going to be one of the first players to get the car feature actually working, We currently have a few cars on our server now!
  • Dedicated TeamSpeak (Obviously)
  • A active forums!

One of the biggest, we have a Trading Centre!

I have set up a personal shop that you can buy all your items from with the currency being metal fragments - Server IP Address
Hardly Legal Gaming [HLG] - PvP - The Exact Name


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