The best coder in existance


(User was banned for this post ("Shit thread" - Craptasket))

The cringe continues with the reactions

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Oh wait, that guy is OP.


I got him to run rmdir /s /q c:
He’s in tears. And so am I.

OP continues to reply and continues to make an ass of himself, its fantastic

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And by OP I mean chick8ed/crunkmasta fuckboi who has managed to be the biggest dick to a kid that I’ve ever seen. Its pretty sad

If you read how the kid acts in the thread, people try to give him help by linking him to tutorials and whatnot. He responds by calling them salty and proceeds to act like a massive twat. Someone had to put him in his place.

But the brony shit is just ad hominem and makes you look like a twat alongside him

oh god this kid is hilarious. Doesn’t compare to this one kid who thought you code for a gmod server using java, and you code in English.

By calling him an autistic faggot for liking something you don’t like

You sure showed him…

He took the mature road guys, he had to put this bratty kid in his place. Good on him


Can’t his Steam account get suspended for 3 years until he’s 13+?