The best contraptions for killing that you have built.

Well, I took a turret and held it with my physgun.
Then I fired it.

This is probably gonna get me banned.
Admins here like to ban…

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(no joke)

hell yeah




weird tank

TU-95 Bear

Shark ultralight attack helicopter (lol)

space fighter

Buggy thing with cannon

also, Havoc

First post I was like “MINGE”, but then I was like “Bring it on!”

Wow,Amplar i love your tanks man keep up the good work!

I would post pics but hard drive went… Just wait and ill have some up! :slight_smile:

I would post a photo, but I don’t have any of it.

I made a jersey barrier and attached the props limit for turrets on it. I made them invisible and placed the cake from Portal in front of it. Hilarity ensued.

I found this old picture from back in October. I never really build stuff that’s lethal but this thing worked once, if I remember correctly.

Not the best picture of it but meh. F/A-18 (or at least a variant of it)

DarkRP server, ~20 players.
From Wire UWSVN
Physics -> Wire Field Generator ->
[ Radiation v ]
[+] Affect players
9999999 --> active, multiplier, distance
Auto-kicked: Excessive deathmatching