The best (customizable) real life roleplay gamemode?

Well my server is hosting DarkRP and I’m getting pretty bored f that because it’s just DM. I would like a Real Life serious roleplaying script, what do you guys suggest?

How are you running DarkRP? Is it the most recent version? Have you attempted at all to implement the many anti-DM features it now contains?

To the best of my knowledge, there aren’t that many great “Real Life” RPs. DarkRP should suffice, so long as your server isn’t too much of a minge magnet.

Minges will always be there, no matter what script you use, you just need good admins and settings.

Entoros is correct, DarkRP has many Anti-DM features on it, such as the autokick, gun license, ironsight shooting, and quite a few more.

I just wanted something other than DarkRP.

I’d probably use GmodRP. It’s made and supported by a good scripter, easy to navigate through, and fairly easy to edit, if you ever wanted to.




But yeah, use Gmodrp

Tacoscript is a good script.

If you dont get the questions right you get kicked, And seeing minges are 12 year old douche’s they get kicked over and over…

Tacoscript, the one on the forums, is a broken leaked TS1, while the TnB servers are using a much more updated version, sadly :/, plus not many people can get a web server for the SQL.

Cakescript could work, or Rick’s Chernobyl script if you can get your hands on it and fix it up.

I’d recommend cakescript, although it tends to be a tad unstable. But it’s really easy to edit.

Yeah. Taco n’ Banana’s official servers are VERY serious RP, and they have great admins.

I have seen on one server a script that made your money fall when you die - it made you evaluate your life more. Then there were bank machines that allowed you to store or get your money from your personal account. It was the only server i found where people were taking REAL roleplay. Amazing. But now it’s password protected and empty dunno why. I believe all those scripts (it has many more) were written by server owner, but if anyone of you can get or write such stuff lemme know :wink:

I’d say for Real life roleplay it is LightRP, old, but awesome.

Or you could go with cakescript, your choice completely.

Use Cakescript. Well, if you’re aiming for serious.

I, for one, say CakeScript if you can get one of these here nice guys to fix up my error-ridden script.

Cakescript is fine, as long as you know what you’re doing and don’t fuck up. (Like me)

Cakescript because frankly, good luck editing TacoScript.

GModRP or Cakescript. Both are good.