The best Dark RP server you have played ??

so the server i used to play in was "eaten by a moose " , it was a good server so now im looking for a new one something good and with nice players .


None of them i have played are good

Nocturnal Gaming Semi-Serious DarkRP

Server isn’t active any longer, but goddamn did we have fun there.

Back in 2010 there was a server that had a modified version of DarkRP, called EpicRP, that I frequented. It was mostly just the people that made it fun, but I think GBPS did a fair amount of work on it.

D3vine DarkRP.

Not really for the server, just a lot of great people in the community.

i thought they bloody died due to some fuck up. if they’ve returned, I honestly must say they should have stayed dead.

Yeah the ex dev wanted direct access to there paypal, didn’t get it, got pissed toolk every bit of code and wiped the server.

Probably just wanted to get some payment for his work.

It’d be the one the clan I’m in used to host, we actually had a pretty good coder, and lots of actually custom content. But I still just liked it because of the people who played it, some of them.

The best DarkRP server I’ve ever played to was BloodyChef’s back in 2008.

Yeah, some shit happened, and they’re probably down for good now.