The best DRP I've played so far.

Ok, so it’s called RRP (Ravens Roleplay) I can honestly say, it is the best Roleplay server I’ve been in on Garrys Mod, all I play is Garry’s Mod, and on it all I play is RP and on RP all I play is RRP. So I ask you please to try it you will not be disappointed, please just try it.


It’s anti-minge because you have to post an application saying you want to be a member if they think your a decent enough person you’ll get accepted.

I got rdmed twice while playing the server.

Then got randomly jailed for no reason.

It’s not bad besides that.

obvious advertisement.

Yes, although it’s an advertisement, he’s giving his input on the server and not just a “join me”, everybody has been asking for a good server and he’s simply helping them. :smiley:

Actually, I never asked for this to be advertised, you may think that I’m lying (if so, fuck off), but really, this came out of the blue for me aswell.

Oh, and Sam: Sometimes people get abit tired and restless, clouds their judgement, sorry if things aren’t too good when people play on their less sharp hours.

Orly? Well I personally think it is, if you continue to think it’s an advertisement you can go fuck off.

Oh… Well, you just lit the fuse…

I’m looking forward to this one. Let’s see who I can destroy know eh?

I played again and it was much more enjoyable, although I don’t like the fact that none of my questions every get answered. :*( But alas, the forums are where I’ll take my problems. :smiley:

Dude, I run a community with roleplayers in it, that’s like the definition of the fine line between people born with a penis, and dramaqueens, I need to keep these yappertype dogs from ripping eachother’s throats open day in and day out, so I can’t always be there, not to mention that I ignore most questions due to that 90% of them are just crap people can figure out for themselves through fair judgement and reading announcements.

But hell, if you hand me a paycheck for my hard work, you’ll be able to critisize me.