The best idea regarding the management of resources

Hello everyone.
I am excited with the awesome team work and follow closely Garry almost all the ideas and concepts of the users because it is very interesting creativity.
Personally this is the best idea that I have read so far I do not write because my English is disgusting and this is written in googletraslate.
but I advise you to see this post is very interesting.


This thread is an undercover revival necropost but I´ll bite. I like the idea of elixwhitetail but I still feel that something is missing, a way for the players to control the regrowth of the trees. Fallen seeds from the chopped trees that the players can plant, like in Don´t Starve, a survival game with incredibly creative ideas that no one seems to have played around here…

If respawning trees is an undesirable unrelistic feature why have it? Just make the server to start with a limited number of trees, you cut a tree you get the wood and one seed. If you dont take the seed from the ground a tree will appear there. The trees need time to grow big in order to give you the max amount of wood. This way players will change the flora of the whole server, stealing and replanting forests all over the server map.

Maybe you can think that this idea will benefit big groups or anybody who want to monopolize wood but given the high amount of trees that the experimental version is handling, the extension of territory that a person should own to annoy the server with lack of wood will be so huge that no one could protect it.

wow, that’s going back…

they’re probably introducing speedtree, so this is a bit of a moot point now; all the functions of the trees will be handled by that, and they’re not going to waste time on exploring it further until then.

nonetheless, its kind of nice to see that people actually DO read back into the historical discussions had here;) good job

SpeedTree just makes my idea more awesome because the tree coverage and density can just reach stupid levels compared to before.