The best place to buy a gmserver?

Hi there, i want to buy a server for garry’s mod, and later also CSS TF2 L4D/2 and so on, so do any of you got a very cheap place i can buy a game server? im looking for a place who offers all of the games above so i can have all my server the same place, does anyone got anything? is the best in my opinion. Very cheap and good servers.

They don’t support garry’s mod :wink:

I like It’s pretty cheap for a gmod server and they have nice service and all that.

Agreed. Xenon Servers is excellent.

I perfer It’s cheap, good, you have complete control. There are two downsides that I noticed: You can’t make a private server and you can’t change the server name after you’ve bought it. $1.25 per slot.

Xenon’s slot price drops as the slot amount increases.

It’s $1.50 USD x10 for 10 slots, and $0.88 USD x20 for 20 slots (monthly).

Hell, 128 slots is only $0.35 USD x128 (if you plan on buying that much).
So if you’re on the monthly plan (lol, period), you can add 4 more slots for only $1 extra, if I’m doing the math right (which I’m pretty sure I am).

AND, you can change the name, and I’m pretty sure you can make private servers.

This is the truth

Anyone know some good UK based hosts? The guy who runs that is a really awesome guy.

okay thansk a lot guys !

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endless gaming is good,