The Best Raid Ever!

Some Details:

We approached the Metal House and identified the correct place to breach. After quickly assembling an entry point structure we planted the explosive charges and began the raid. The wall took 5 charges before finally collapsing. **It took us 2 in game days to move everything from their house to our house. ** Apologies for the quality of some of the images since they were taken during the night.

Approaching the Metal House

Another view of the House

The Structure leading to the breach

Point of Entry

Crates! Crates Everywhere!

More Crates

Upstairs Crates

Some Proof of the items we took

The List of what was taken:

56 Pistols
6 Shotguns
24 M4
11 MP5A4
3,000 Metal Fragments
2,200 Cooked Meat
2,500 Sulfur
2,805 Wood
3,187 Pistol/MP5 Ammo
120 Medkits
9,500 Gunpowder
2,500 Shotgun Shells
14 Explosive Charges
10 Full Kevlar Suits
2,500 M4 Ammo
2,250 Cloth
600 Leather
400 Rad Pills
80 Flairs
150 Metal Building Materials

I like when people post stuff like this haha it makes me feel sad that i will never get that kind of stuff

Holy shit, that’s insane! Which server was this on?

The guy who owns the house must be pretty pissed xD

As good if not better then my Best raid!

Hopefully this will teach them to make a better structure next time

The English speaking only server

There must have been a lot of people living in that base. Sick.

How was this not noclipped already? :pwn:

Because no one likes a cheater, and cheaters will get banned.

3 Sleeping bags and only 1 guy was there…sleeping on the floor

I can imagine how pissed those guys are. :confused: Poor fella’s.

Pretty nuts, im jelly.

Probably the best rewards for a raid i’ve seen so far. Sick man.

We all want to take a guess how many hours the owner has logged in Rust so far?

Im sure there was more than one person in that house at one point or another.

Sounds like you found where a no-clipper lived. Good job.

I mean, with that metal structure I wouldn’t keep that many resources as I wouldn’t really need them. I would have just a couple of kevlar sets and that’s all.

I can understand the point of saving resources when you’re building your house but once is built you don’t need that many resources and is better for you because in that case they would have waste 5 c4 to get a few things but now … they got a HUGE reward … congrats.

Looks like the inside of the house wasn’t defended well enough, he should have split up the boxes more with inside doors/doorways so you’d need to use over 40 c4 to get everything.


Wait,5 C-4’s and you destroyed the metal wall?

When people sleep, do they just log off and stand in place?