The best rust fix yet!


You did the best thing yet by fixing the locks for us. The keys was to see how we deal with life and was a test! haha

I love the fact that now I can build 20 doors and just use the sweet combo locking system instead of being the top janitor for rust.

Thank you.

No, the keys and combo locks are two different tiers of the same system. More lock options are planned for the future. You will need a battery to use a combo lock.

yes you wont start with a combo lock and it will cost a lot of resources along with maybe a battery to use.

But for now. Locks are broken if the game restarts. Key locks can still be used, but you cant make anymore keys after the restart. Still a safer bet. Who cares though. Its rust… server will wipe in 24hrs anyways

I have to agree, that after using the key lock system for the last month or two, (I forget when they introduced it?), the new combo locks are such a breath of fresh air!

I love running out of my cabin without having to stop and think, "Now, do I have one key on me? Plus one hidden inside the base, in case I get killed while I’m out? Plus one hidden outside the base, in case I get walled inside and spawn outside to break the wall down and get back in? etc, etc, etc.

I know some people say it breaks realism, and that we couldn’t craft digital combo locks in the wild, etc, but from a gameplay perspective it is a HUGE improvement.

I only hope the battery won’t be too resource intensive to create. For my $0.02, it should have definitely been an old mechanical lock rather than a hi-tech digital one…

It will be so awesome to have to use batteries you find (or craft) and if the cost of making the combo lock is a bit high, it’s so worth! Anything is worth it as long as I do not have to carry around keys and die near my base only to lose it to someone that just killed me and now, they have a sweet level 6 base that took me 7+ hours to build.

Most people do not realize that this is a freakin super amazing and fun game and a lot of things are not based around realism "infinite use of a torch, wolf meat from all animals, no fall damage… just to mention a few.

So I have to totally agree with neil with his post!

The below locks can be crafted in a post apocalyptic setting for sure therefore not breaking the “realism” of this ULTRA realistic game hehehe.