The best server

Post what you think are the best servers that you play in gmod.

Something that isn’t Rp or TTT

You are dumb if you say cuz the RP its not good , the best is RP and deathrun .

Are you mentally unstable? RP Is fucking horrendous, I’d say ten bucks that you’re under the age of ten.

I play RP but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. I’d rather say sandbox


I first loved HL2RP, then I met Phase Four and we created a server lol.

Sandbox its old and it exist like 500 server who run Sandbox . almost have 0 player its very good :slight_smile:

omg yeh sandbox is so awesome. It has liek custom sql modules with lots of plugins! Lets not forget the fantastic admin mod {console}. Lets not forget the lines of coding and custom content.

{Couldnt find the sarcasm tags}

sandbox > all because it isnt full of useless shit

I concur. Minimalism is my way.

I like variety of different gamemodes so fretta

yeah, fretta is the best

It’s fun when you feel like trolling some kids

“i need 1000 useless fucking mods to enjoy a game because i’m an unoriginal spoiled brat”

A game-mode doesn’t need stupid amounts of modules and extra’s. I used to sit around for hours on a server building stuff in sandbox.
I have to agree Sandbox all the way (And since a lot of gamemodes derive from it, You can all shut the hell up! :D)

I don’t see you play withotu phx/wiremod.

Hehe I actually play with both but I’m not one of those dicks who think that THE MOAR MODS TEH B3TT3R

What if they are good mods?

Well, for the BEST serious RP community you guys should check out:

It’s new, so forgive the lack of members, but we need more people to join! If you are looking for an passive and immersive roleplaying community with friendly people and great admins then Venomous Gaming is for you. We offer both a Half-Life 2 RP using the Open Aura game mode and a zombie apocalypse server using the Severance game mode. Both servers are dedicated and can have up to 100 people playing at a time! Check us out!