The best server

Your advertising in someone elses thread. Stop thread hijacking. I wont even take a look just for that.

That stands to reason, however having mods for the sake of having mods is asinine

Well that’s an outright lie…
Stop hijacking >:(

And no, no you can’t.
OpenAura has some limitations to it, Even though its the most optimized gamemode Kuro has made yet is struggles on most machines to reach past 35 players without unbearable lag.

good because you own it right

Yes it will lag, a lot.

No, I don’t own it.

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If you don’t believe me then check it out for yourself.

This is not the place to advertise your shitty RP server


This thread is about what we think the best server(s) is, and I posted my opinion. If it came off as advertising I apologize, I merely wanted to tell people about it.

If you want to advertise it, Simply make your own thread.

I already did, but then I saw how much attention this thread was getting and I also posted here.

My server. :slight_smile:

i lol’d

Best is sandbox with just weld easy.

I personally love Sandbox when its populated and not full as assholes and faggots. I love building shit.

IMO Experim3nt or Phase 4 can be fun if admined correctly. Deathmatching should be allowed but in a controlled manner.

The best that i’ve played in a while is Slidefuse HL2 RP.

The best gmod servers.

Why’s everyone hate RP so much? Any person I’ve ever met that says that has never tried it.

Kuro released a patch for this. That “problem” has been fixed.

Yeah, I’ve been telling Kuro for ages it needs fixing, All the times I’ve mentioned it he couldn’t find the issue.
I will admit its better optimized now, But to begin with 25 + players unbearable lag then 30 + same thing, I do hope he has solved that issue now. :slight_smile: