THE BEST strikes space pirates down with an iron fist.

It just started with petty things like theft…

It ended in violence.



THE BEST is a true American. A true liberator. A true equivalence to Paul Bunyan himself. You fuck with him, and you are destined to be destroyed by every last proton of your being.

THE BEST; a true American icon since 1999.

also notice THE BEST has better rimlighting than you could fathom — and it’s all ingame

Houston has a problem with aliens.

What’s up with the color-less muzzleflashes.

THE BEST fires only the finest of match munitions - the muzzleflashes are emissions of only the purest of eukaryotic voltage bullets in conjunction with the finest of highly corrosive plasma gasses ever emitted in the history of the universe.

Well that wasn’t very nice of him. Poor aliens :saddowns:

THE BEST description of a flash

Hah, knew instantly that this was a reference to your Glory Punch. Best fallout vid ever.

The fingers are clipped with the gun, from what I saw.

he fingers are fine it’s just that when you bend them they release an unfathomable amount of polygons – too far incomprehensible for your underdeveloped human mind – and make it look like clipping because the fingers turn from individual blocks in to blown out bits of polygon stress and glory


Rated Artistic for that.

So what happens when he Dragon Kicks people in space? They’re already technically in the Milky Way, so where do they go if they’ve already had their asses Dragon Kick’d into the Milky Way?

How’d you facepose the aliens? D: I didn’t know we could do that.

I lol’ed at the last picture, rated funny

I like the intergalactic bitch slap one.

I rerigged THE BEST. The astronaut had no phong and had shitty player ragdoll physics so I added phong and used ellis’ physics model.

aliens aren’t faceposable because they were rigged for CSS from what I’ve noticed so i have no idea what you are talking about


the protoplasmic ions move at such a fierce velocity that a greenhole is created, thus warping the target/victim in to dead space where they die of malnutrition, freezing temperature, or other applicable causes – they are pitted in to the armpit of space.

however, due to THE BEST reinventing this maneuver through pure science and physical prowess he has gained the ability to apply so much momentum and force behind his protoplasmic ion dragon kicks that he manages to disembowel and even decapitate some victims as shown above BEFORE they are warped in to the greenhole. that is how confident he is he will kick your ass, pansy.

What happened to the 5omeone I knew and loved.

i’m right here faggot where did you think i went


i mean honestly what does that even mean

I love you.

Release it.

Release what.


I laughed my lungs to hell, this guy is fucking awesome