The best way to animate characters?

I would appreciate it if someone could point me to a good tutorial to animate props, I honestly wonder how smooth and realistic the animations are in some of the videos I see around. I’m guessing they weren’t made with the phys gun >.<

It would be amazing if the tutorial started from simple as making them appear to talk to a lot more advanced stuff.

sorry for the boring newbie question, I just have no idea where to start.

HATS, is kinda good, its like stop motion, but at this point i would just say dont make a video with people talking cause it is extremely annoying as shit, or you can use the npctalk tool and do your best to sink the lips to your recording.

What about animating multiple rag dolls/npcs at the same time?

I mean, I can not use HATs to make a scene where a lot of pedestrians are moving around the side walk for example.

You can use the Source SDK animation tool. Just go to the TOOLS menu of your Steam client and download Source SDK. Then start it up and load up Faceposer.

3ds Max.