The best weapons on toybox?

I am going to do a poll… thing.
Basically, The first 10 Posts will be the canadates of which is the best weapon on toybox.

After this these 10 are decided, I will edit this thread (or make a new one) and you will be able to vote on which one will be the best.
Please note:
If you call the name of a Spamming bullet swep, it will be disqualified.
The ‘Real’ weapons or ones that have been spent more then 30 seconds upon do not apply.
The weapons need SOME creativity in them.
Please post the URL also.

I will start with my nomination: Displacement Cannon. I know I’ll look bad for voting for myself, but it is a good swep, People like it.


  1. Displacement Cannon By ARitz Cracker

The polls will start on 5:00 PM On
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Regardless on how menu slots are filled.

ok, I guess not.

Can I nominate my own weapons?
If so then

Thus begins a thread of everyone nominating nothing but their own content. :jerkbag:

Just thought I’d ask. It’s been on the first page for about a week now, has over 60,000 users, and is my most popular SWEP.

…and I can name a collection of things that have more downloads, favorites, and likes than your things do that are far more deserving of recognition, such as the Place and Launch Her, Valkyrie Rockets, Gas Can, Chimera, Arc Beam, Scav Jr, DN3D Pipe Bomb, Crow-Bar, Saw-Bow, HL1 Style Gauss Gun, Freeze Ray and Predator Missile. The fact that you would neglect to mention any of those things makes me believe you’re thinking a little too high and mighty of your gun that’s magically stayed at the front page for a whole week.

Oh great, you again. I was just tossing one out. I must say I like most of the ones you listed it’s just that one is what came to mind.
Good weapon I found recently.

I’m sorry if this is new to you, but the majority of the toybox downloaders are idiots.
I coded a 5-second half-assed SWEP just to prove a point and it has 9,000 favorites.

So that’s why you did that,nice experiment :golfclap: